About the Artist


I have always been attracted to figurative art. I love its ability to resonate with the viewer who then can project on or relate to it through their own experience.

My latest works explore the human form through a variety of different mediums. I really enjoy working with the softness of Oamaru stone. Is use and reflect the stones heaviness with sharp faceted surfaces that are then harmonised with the soft fluent shapes of the human body. Creating something unique but at the same time familiar.

Currently I find myself painting in a palette of monochromatic colours. It fascinates me how the different colours have the ability to provoke different moods and emotions from the viewer. I combine this with my love of human anatomy to create landscapes for the eye to travel across.

As a portfolio artist I work and study in the Wellington region. Here I have the opportunity to use my imagination to further progress my profession. I am also currently involved in a wide range of creative community work. This includes collaborative and individual work for public murals and voluntary work for community theartres with set and prop design.

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