I have always been attracted to figurative art.

I love the landscapes shaped by human form. I love the intimate familiarity we each have with it, instinctually knowing if something is ‘off ‘. As an artist I adore the potential for influence here, the possibilities of what I can create and how that may sit with the viewer who cannot help but project upon the imagery and relate to it through their own experiences.

I am strongly a painter at heart. The tactile ability to push and pull this fluid medium has always had a powerful draw for me. Currently I find myself painting in monochromatic palettes. I feel 2D imagery can become almost sculptural with the fusion of confident mark making and the lack of range in colour, The mood provoking ability of colour and light, or the lack these attributes holds constant intrigue for me.

However my  latest works explore the human form through a variety of different mediums. Most recently I have found myself enjoying working with the softness of Oamaru stone. I like the play between the heaviness evident in the stone, the combination of this with the sharp faceted surfaces I can shape, while harmonizing these qualities amongst the soft fluent shapes of the human body. Creating something unique, perhaps a little uncomfortable at points, but at the same time familiar. Reflective somehow of what it is like to be human.

As a portfolio artist I live and work in Wellington NZ as a Scenic and Props Painter in Film and Television . A field in which I have the opportunity to use my imagination from the smallest details right through to a most a massive scale. I regularly find delight in the license to quite literally throw paint at the wall, a skill which has been an absolute joy to master.

I am also involved in a wide range of creative community work. These include collaborative individual work for exhibitions, public murals and community theater. My favorite and most recent being collaboration of set design and fabrication of Scapegoats Escape Rooms in Upper Hutt Wellington. Where we have played with the use of light, colour, texture ,sheen, puzzles of all kinds and of course story lines… Creating environments in which the players are completely immersed, receiving what is aimed to be a full  haptic response to their surroundings          https://www.scapegoats.nz/


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